Proven Solutions For Transformational Growth Without Compromise

Transform Business Relationships Into Profits Without Compromising Regulatory Risk and Business Growth

Are you a recruiter, hiring manager, or executive who wants less organizational risk? Do you want more profitable processes and controls? Here's an excellent candidate.

Or, Are you a marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur who wants to increase sales? Do you want to be more profitable? Do this to grow a business with fewer resources.

Solutions focus on transforming business relationships into profits

There are two core areas of any complex business that impacts customer relationships. These areas include operational risk management and business development. Clients enjoy the following measurable solutions, including:

I want to thank you very much for your partnership and support when I first came to the team in helping he assimilate and understand the product and tools. It was a pleasure getting to work with you.
-- Glenn Berry, Wells Fargo.
  • Operational Risk Management,
    • Process and Control Optimization,
    • Risk and Control Self Assessment,
    • Laws, Rules, and Regulation,
    • Data Privacy and Analytics Risk,
  • Strategic Business Development,
    • Product Development,
    • Strategic Marketing Plan,
    • Market Research and Analysis,
    • White Paper Marketing,

Proven Methodologies to Accomplish Your Goals and Increase Free Net Cash Flow

You dominate your industry when you measure success in business as the intersection of customer relationships and free net cash flow. Without this, you face expensive troubles. Specific implementation includes:

  • Business Process Optimization,
    • Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA)
    • Risk Stratification and Acceptance,
    • Coaching and Educational Support,
    • Internal Audit and Compliance,
  • Direct Response Marketing,
    • Data Enhancement Services,
    • List Append and Tracking,
    • Copywriting and Campaign Design,
  • Marketing Project Management,
    • Customer Acquisition,
    • Customer Retention,
    • Product Launch,
    • Mailing Vendor Management,
  • Strategic Database Marketing,
    • Calculate Performance Metrics,
    • Break Even Analysis,
    • Campaign Optimization Services,
  • Newsletter and Digital Publishing,
    • List Management Services,
    • Ecommerce Analytic Tracking,
    • WordPress Website Management,
  • Analytics and Reporting Solutions,
    • Key Performance Indicators,
    • Weighted Decision Matrix,
    • Source Attribution Tracking,
    • Root Cause Analysis,

From technical to financial services, regulatory pressures can cost the longevity of your business. Strong attention to how your business delivers solutions is necessary to fulfill customers' expectations in this highly competitive world.

Contact Justin Hitt with questions. Increase the value you deliver to customers and the profits they make possible for you. Address laws, rules, and regulations in your operational approach. Subject to availability.

Justin Hitt offers an excellent comment in response to Phil's post, discussing employee/independent contractor distinctions and his own experiences in negotiating similar issues with employers.
--Denise Howell, Bag and Baggage
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