Consulting Services That Transforms Business Relationships Into Profits Guaranteed

Two unique types of clients benefit from these services:

  1. Executive leadership, to include high income professionals and entrepreneurs. These individuals have subject matter expertise with market value. ($100k+ USD)
  2. Established businesses in the energy services, environmental, or financial services sectors. Primarily those who serve mass affluent markets. ($10M+ USD)

Clients face certain challenges that are unusual to the general population. These challenges include regulatory, compliance, and social dynamics that can inhibit growth.

It takes greater earning to stay ahead, let alone overcome oppressive taxes and rising costs. As regulations increase, so does overhead in a business which places pressure on organizations to reduce staff.

Justin Hitt offers an excellent comment in response to Phil's post, discussing employee/independent contractor distinctions and his own experiences in negotiating similar issues with employers.
--Denise Howell, Bag and Baggage

Operational risk management becomes critical for a sound design of process, controls, and appropriate handling of risk. Without the right systems in place, your organization (career) becomes a house of cards.

Justin Hitt offers unique prospective in Risk Management you won't find anywhere else

There are reasons risk management and business development reach a point of diminishing returns. As teams grow larger, they become more administrative with less focus on strategic outcomes.

You may also be a target of advocates and social organizers who seek to change your organizations from within. Identity theft, privacy regulations, cyber-security, and process complexity put you at risk more than ever before.

Ten-million-dollar plus businesses need more than traditional management consulting yet cannot afford the intelligence available from name-brand firms.  High-income individuals face a similar challenge in their own “business of one” as companies seek to control costs.

To get ahead, you need a new perspective, someone with diverse experiences who sees things others cannot. A resource familiar with strategic intelligence, data analytics, risk management, and systems thinking.

As a boutique consulting agency, Justin Hitt leads a team of specialists hand-selected for your unique challenge. Resources that deliver on the outcomes you desire for you or your organization.

Strategic Management Consulting

Here is an example of the kinds of consulting services Justin Hitt has delivered to clients for more than two decades.  Which of these solutions will take you to the next level:

  • Business Development.  Attract more of the kind of business that grows a legacy rather than living hand to mouth begging buyers to pay attention.
  • Risk Management.  Stop making mistakes in areas before you start, even reduce risk with unique approaching your competition will fear.
    • Operational Risk Management, risk assessment and decisions around cyclic process which results in acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance of risk.
    • Strategic Risk Management, focusing on consequential and significant risks to shareholder value, the kind that demands attention of executive management and board of directors.
  • Project Management.  Get more done one time with fewer resources without taking on unnecessary risks or diluting efforts.
  • Regulatory Reporting.  Development of compliance report and related procedural so that your operations stays ahead of changing regulations.
    • Technical writing for process and control development, audit response, and evidencing remediation activities. Including report validation.
  • Marketing Strategy.  Create and keep profitable customers without distracting from the core value a market demands.
    • Performance Monitoring.  So that you can know what works and what doesn't, finally your results from a well tuned machine.
  • Strategic Relations.  Connect with the right influencers without trolling on social media, glad handing at events, and being a sleaze.
  • Advanced Analytics.  Extract decision making insights from transactions so that you focus on profitable outcomes. Know what works right now.
  • Procurement Management.  Buy the right solutions with favorable terms and get it delivered on time to do what was intended, price is only one factor.
  • Business Process Optimization.  Scale your income streams easily with repeatable results framed in simple processes and procedures easily staffed.
    • Performance Improvement.  Get more from fewer resources in your business, career, and community interactions.
  • Strategic Intelligence. Know more about the future actions of your competitors than they know about themselves. Gain unfair advantage.
    • Market and Competitive Research. From a business prospective what you need to know to make better decisions, reducing risk, and increasing opportunity.
    • Briefings and Reporting. An application of intelligence collection diciplines (INTs) for understanding challenges, identifying opportunity, and risk mitigation.

For results-oriented individuals, whether you work as a principal stakeholder in a corporation or own your own business.  You must have the courage to hold individuals responsible for outcomes, be willing to learn and be open to new ideas.

And you don't need to be social to transform business relationships into profits.  This is NOT about social media, NOT about gimmick software, NOR about glad-handing for influence.  You won't have to do any business networking, and you won't owe any favors.

Who Hires Justin Hitt?

Satisfied clients include Fortune 100 financial services and telecommunications services firms.  Government contractors, services contractors, and internet services providers.  Also, home and commercial services contractors, intellectual property owners, and e-commerce businesses.

Small and mid-sized business clients tend to be from politically libertarian to conservative, have a strong stance on personal property, practice an internal sphere of influence, and have a strong work ethic. They are environmentally minded and located around the world.

What these consulting services help you with is the systems, scale, and automation necessary to grow even complex opportunities. Private clients include thinkers, investors, strategists, and service providers.

Discover your unique strengths while getting more from your chosen career or business.  Move forward with confidence with measurable results forged in critical thinking, strategic planning, and deliberate action.  Stop making mistakes with trial and error; start producing the results you deserve.

What Is The Next Step?

It's easy to get started if you qualify.  Simply engage through a paid consultation.  There is no other way to receive this multiplier of intelligence the grows the influence of you and your business.

Paid Consultation

It starts with an intense proprietary assessment, followed by 15-minute telephone consultation. By appointment only.

Consulting Day

Delivered via Skype or in person.  You travel to the agreed-upon location, by appointment only.

Subject to availability.

Client Engagement

Retainer-based, starting with a 6-month commitment.  Subject to availability.

Let's discuss the challenges you face and determine if there is a match. 

If you have questions about resources or concepts discussed here, then contact our offices.  Questions are answered in group sessions available to email newsletter subscribers, clients, and select partners.

Justin is self-motivated and requires little direct supervision. His response to task-definition and assignments is value-added service and a 'What else can I help you with?' attitude.
-- Paul Van Sickle, PRB Associates Inc
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