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Are you protecting yourself from cyber security? Are you able to increase your income despite inflation? What about your ability to lower taxes legally? Three topics from the May 2022 edition of The FROM MY DESK Letter.

Three questions about keeping your money straight. Remember, this program is for high-income and high-net-worth families. No financial professionals were harmed in this recording.

  1. “How to fight identity theft in a world of increasing cyber theft, hacking, and data sources?” In today's highly connected world, identity theft is a big problem for those with money to lose.
  2. “What can I do to increase income in high inflation environments?” Inflation eats away at your buying power; only increasing income can keep you above water.
  3. “Are there any ways to lower taxes legally? Not sure I ought to be paying 32% effective tax rates.” When the government needs money, they increase taxes on the middle class. That's YOU.

The core theme of this edition is how to keep more of the money you are earning. From data breaches to cybercriminals, your data is not secure.

Justin is self-motivated and requires little direct supervision. His response to task-definition and assignments is value-added service and a 'What else can I help you with?' attitude.
-- Paul Van Sickle, PRB Associates Inc

You aren't growing financially if you aren't protecting assets, increasing income, and lowering your taxes. It costs too much to fight these problems.

NOTE: The original FROM MY DESK letter includes live sessions. If you missed the live call, those archival materials are now available in their respective programs. For a DVD, send $10.00 for members, ask for program 006-M0318A.

How to Fight Identity Theft (Part 1 of 3) May 2020 [Excerpt from Newsletter]

Only subscribers who attend live calls can access all three parts of this program. However, here is an excerpt from the overall program on how to fight identity theft:

Excerpt: Justin Hitt's FROM MY DESK Letter, May 2022, “How to Fight Identity Theft” (20:16)

You don't have to be a “dark web” guru to know privacy is dead in the United States (and worldwide.) To steal an identity, it doesn't take much to scrape your LinkedIn, Facebook, and social media.

High-income professionals are at risk. Criminals target high-net-worth families. How you structure your finances matters. What are you doing with is necessary to catch theft early?

The FROM MY DESK letter curates insights from current and past projects, answering monthly questions from subscribers and private clients. For a link to all three video segments, see the print newsletter.

Justin's continual demonstrates of outstanding performance. ... He works comfortably with analysts of varying levels of experience from vastly different fields.
-- Paul Van Sickle, PRB Associates Inc
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Justin Hitt Business Analyst
Justin Hitt is an expert in business development and risk management. Clients range from Fortune 100 financial services firms to technical service providers and entrepreneurs. He is the publisher of many reports and book author.
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