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Here’s what smart owners are scratching their heads about, “How to unlock profits in business?”

Some will expand their lines, becoming the “Electrical-Plumbing-HVAC-Solar-Gastric-Bypass-Generator-Appliance” company.  Others will take the shift to truly become a service firm.

I want to thank you very much for your partnership and support when I first came to the team in helping he assimilate and understand the product and tools. It was a pleasure getting to work with you.
-- Glenn Berry, Wells Fargo.

What Do YOU Really Want

You might want more residential work, or start getting into lucrative commercial contracts.  For some, you may already have commercial work and now you want more affluent residential customers.

Many owners are slaves to their business.  No sooner they escape from being someone else’s technician, they creating their own job rather than being an entrepreneur.

  • JOB. Just over broke.  You play by someone else’s rules.  It’s step and fetch.
  • Your Own Boss. Better than a job, except you are a crappy employee with bad boss.
  • Business owner. A team works on your behalf and you babysit mostly.
  • Entrepreneur. You work on the business rather than in the business.
  • (ADVANCED) Absentee owner or investor.  Business pays you even if you don’t show up.

Doesn’t matter where you are on this spectrum, but understand you’ll have more freedoms as an entrepreneur.  There is the multiple streams of income option and greater time choice.

Shocking Reality At Retirement

Hope you're not one of those 50 something owners with retirement on the horizon.  Maybe you've already bought the boat or RV (now sitting in your yard unused.)

Worse if you're 60 something, but not impossible.

There are a lot of options when you can unlock profits quickly.  But settling for a business that doesn’t pay out is sad.  And don’t tell me you’ll sell the business when you retire to “cash out” for retirement.

You know as well as the next guy that’s like winning the lottery.  To “cash out” to retire you need a buyer ready to go at the price you want when you want to retire.

What Entrepreneurs Really Want

When you know how to unlock profits in your business you can horde up large amounts of cash in qualified retirement accounts, assets that cash flow, and other profit producing parts of your business.

One part I’m really good at is systems and marketing.  Those to instantly make your business more valuable, but also let you scale, flip your own business, or even produce residual revenues.

Shit, why not live like you are retired today?  All you need is cash flow from hidden profits unlocked!

Click here to download, “A Simple Surefire Way to Increase Profits Quickly and Easily” (Report# B0501B) …

NOTE: I cut out the “Action Plan” from this public version of the report because it is not fair telling you what your business should be like without knowing your lifestyle goals.

No reason to pass this report around.  Last thing I need is word to get out at your next Service Roundtable, Field Edge, or other contractor group.  I’m busy enough as it is.

You are in the right place if you …

  • Have a million dollar plus electrical contracting company and want to go to ten-million or more in the next 24-months,
  • Spend (invest) $10,000 or more a month in marketing, sales efforts, and driving new customers into your sales funnel,
  • Want to do larger projects that are profitable as a primary contractor or a sub-contractor in your local region,
  • Feel tapped out earning big money but have very little to show for it and want more cash flow from your business,

You also need a strong study ethic, not be a dumb ass, and really want to make a difference for your family with a profitable business.  Not for someone who has legal troubles or cannot pay their bills.

If you cannot afford to invest in your business, even after this report reveals ways to increase profits easily, then may I suggest the good folks at SCORE. This no-cost service offers business counseling in your area, visit to find a mentor.

DISCLOSURE: I’m a Certified SCORE mentor in my small town of Martinsville VA.  For this reason, you cannot hire me if you are already working with SCORE – especially if you’ve ever worked with me as a SCORE client.  If you are under a million in gross, then you will get good help to get you started.

Before you do anything else, download this report here.  This report will increase your profits now, you’ll also learn:

  • How to stop making profit killing mistakes,
  • Why you might have failed to increase profits in the past,
  • Simple ways to increase profits now (by paying yourself first),
  • New opportunities for electrical contractors,

Now if you are reading this report and have any questions, please forward them to my office.  It is NOT a pretty essay from someone who has never done this.

And more supplemental materials are available.  My team has just been too busy to update it, so ask your questions.  (Plus, I cut some pieces out of this publicly shared version.)

If you have any questions about this report there is a “Help” button in the lower right of your browser.  Questions are answered weekly in group sessions and webinars.  Mention report B0501B.

Reply to any of my messages for details.  Paid consulting available starting at 7, subject to availability.  Done for you projects start at $39,000 depending on your needs.

I serve a few strategically selected markets and clients, so please allow a few weeks for a reply.  You can reply to any email, or use the “Help” button below.  My assistant helps with replies.

The reason I mention this is because there are more resources at — that can help you now.  Best wishes with your MASSIVE implementation!


Justin Hitt
Analyst / Publisher

P. s. Don’t let this be another report you download and forget.  Print it out (double sided) then carry it around with you for a week.  When you’re done, then pick up “101 Strategies For More Profitable Customers” from Amazon.

Justin Hitt offers an excellent comment in response to Phil's post, discussing employee/independent contractor distinctions and his own experiences in negotiating similar issues with employers.
--Denise Howell, Bag and Baggage
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