How to contact Justin Hitt?

If you are a client, then please use internal channels to reach my Assistant.  Please note your client or membership status for priority response.  A ticket may also be opened with the lower right “Help” button.

24/7 Telephone Fax Hotline: +1 (877) 207-3798 Ext 2

Justin Hitt c/o JWH Consolidated
1123 Spruce St #3123
Martinsville, VA 24115-3123

Due to prior commitments and a limited attention span; Fax all questions to +1 (877) 486-8461 or mailed to the address above.  Please indicate your membership level for priority response.

For Refunds, Exchanges, or Cancellations Simply Call +1 (877) 207-3798 Ext 1 or Click “Help” Below

When you leave a message, please include your telephone and e-mail address.  The reason why is because your e-mail address will be associated with your customer record.

All orders come with a FULL 12-month 100% “No weasel, No hassle” satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason you are not completely delighted, simply return your purchase for a complete refund, including original shipping and handling.

Paid consultations are available.  Join a Group Q&A Meeting. All consultations are scheduled by appointment only.

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