Justin Hitt helps you discover critical paths necessary to solve big problems. Removing obstacles that keep you from profits. His unique perspective transforms business relationships into profits.

Proven Strategic Management Consulting Solutions

Consulting areas include business development, operational risk management, strategic project management, and procurement management. Get more results with fewer resources.

With more than two decades of experience, you get practical, outcome-oriented results. Discover a unique NO BS approach to cultivating outcomes. You will get more from your team while further achieving business objectives.

For Driven Executive Leadership Who Wants Measurable Results

Clients range from million dollar plus small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises. If you want to boost profits and cultivate beneficial relationships, then you are in the right place.

If any of these scenario questions keep you up at night, then complete the form below immediately. You are missing out on millions in new opportunities by not having access to this strategic management consulting:

  • Are long sales cycles keeping you from growth? Is your competition closing in and shrinking your margins? Do you face uncertainty and risk in your business processes?
  • Does economic, regulatory, or compliance pressure keep you from sleeping at night? What if they find out your processes and controls are ineffective? Are others in your industry facing regulatory fines?
  • Would a wrong decision impact your career and ability to maintain your position? Does it worry you cutting the wrong people will pull back successes? Is there a level of uncertainty in the market that puts you at risk?

Justin Hitt can help. For more than two decades, Mr. Hitt helps clients add hundreds of millions in new business, risk mitigates billions in fines, as well as prepares key executive leaders to thrive in uncertain times.

Start With An Engagement Assessment, Finish With Measurable Outcomes

Let's discuss the challenges you face in a confidential meeting to determine if there is a match. General questions may come through the general contact us page; a request for engagement consideration comes through the form below.

All potential clients must complete an engagement assessment to determine fit and function as a private client. Your responses will be held in confidence yet do not represent actual client engagement.

Complete the form below for details:

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