What Content Marketers Won’t Tell You

When they say create more content, heres why I’m creating less content for the public.

Dear Friend,

In 2016 a shocking thing happened.  While all the gurus are recommending creating more content, I pulled down all the content I had on four websites.  Thousands of articles.

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Are You Still Relying on Search Engines for Answers to Complex Business Problems?

New series covering answers to tough questions that help transform business relationships into questions. Answering your questions, plus covering materials accumulating on my writing desk. An informal no-cost to attend educational program.

While taking time off business I’m giving back from more than 29 years of experience. Get answers to your questions about business building while I clean up my writing desk.

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What is a Business Analyst?

Answering common questions about what a business analyst is, including the benefits of hiring, working with, and what to expect from this role. Justin Hitt is a business analyst specializing in business development and project management.

As a business analyst I review and audit business strategy, processes, or systems. My aim is to find hidden profits in your business.  What exactly is a Business Analyst and how am I different?

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Are You Setting Up Projects for Success Or Failure?

When you do these things, you’ll setup a project the right way. Success is achieved before you start by asking the right questions. Fail to do these things and have project management disaster.

Many meaningful projects are setup the wrong way.  Without the right questions answered, you won’t know if the project is worth starting.  Read carefully to know if you are setting up projects for success for failure …

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