Are You Still Relying on Search Engines for Answers to Complex Business Problems?

While taking time off business I’m giving back from more than 29 years of experience. Get answers to your questions about business building while I clean up my writing desk.

Helping You Solve Business Problems While Organizing My Desk (21:20)

Justin Hitt wraps up 29 years of business in 2020 as a publisher and consultant. Learn from three decades of practical implementation, plus hundreds of client engagements.

In this series, you’ll discover answers to a variety of problems. Including unusual topics like getting rich in politics. I even have an article on social engineering via the media.

Justin is self-motivated and requires little direct supervision. His response to task-definition and assignments is value-added service and a ‘What else can I help you with?’ attitude.
— Paul Van Sickle, PRB Associates Inc

Ask your questions about building business relationships. I’ll reply with actionable insights ready to work for you. Each episode focuses on creating piratical results for you.

This resource will help you connect with solutions providers through specific referrals. As a response to the COVID-19 season of 2020, I’m not looking for consulting clients.

While cleaning up my writing desk, you get answers. Powerful tools to transform your business relationships into profits. Contact my office with your questions per this video.


Justin Hitt just posted an excellent, albeit quick, post on the value of offering e-newsletter subscriptions in conspicuous places.
— Dana VanDen Heuvel, Data Driven Growth Driver.




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