Are You Setting Up Projects for Success Or Failure?

Many meaningful projects are setup the wrong way.  Without the right questions answered, you won’t know if the project is worth starting.  Read carefully to know if you are setting up projects for success for failure …

There are two critical questions to ask for meaningful success in your projects for you and your team.  I’m surprised by how many don’t ask these simple question that I describe in lesson “Succeed Before You Start” (Inside Strategic Relations; March 1, 2006). 

What Must You Care About Project Management?

As a high income professional or entrepreneur everything you do to increase income packages up nicely as a project.  This means, you have a problem to solve, specific deliverable’s, and clear success criteria.  Don’t you?

Justin is self-motivated and requires little direct supervision. His response to task-definition and assignments is value-added service and a ‘What else can I help you with?’ attitude.
— Paul Van Sickle, PRB Associates Inc

Unfortunately, even top earners don’t know very little about project management.  You are promoted from the front lines of sales or marketing, now business development is more complex.

You face marketing campaigns, longer sales cycles, and complex advertising platforms.  Gone are the days were a typewriter and telephone can bring in millions of dollars in commercial business.

All Too Common Project Management Mistake

Past experiences in project management can be good or bad.  And made even worse with the mistake of not planning out critical steps you’ll need to accomplish what you desire.  At least start with the end in mind.

It’s bad when you don’t understand how to manage projects.  If you’re not setting yourself up for success with proper project planning, you could be failing before you start.

Are you doing what’s necessary before a project to insure success?  Every high income professional and entrepreneur must understand project management! It’s something that will help your teams get to their targets faster with less hassle. 

How would you rate your project management skills?  If you’re the type of person who at last answers the who, what, when, where, and why BEFORE you start a project, then you’re on the right track.

Project Management is a Skill Worth Mastering

Yet to turn business relationships into profits you’ll need to hone your approach towards more formal project management.  This allows you to engage a team to work on your behalf, achieving what you desire through others.

The more I get questions on this topic, the more focused I become on skilling up in project management.  While I’ve ran $35,000,000 portfolios on storage array installations spending $1,500,000 a day, there is still much to learn.

When asking follow-up questions, be sure to ask about the special report PROJECT MANAGEMENT MISTAKES.  You’ll find that tuning skills here yields massive rewards.

In the time I worked with Justin I was fortunate enough to oversee a few large projects that he was a part of. His attention to detail and creative thought process always made the difficult seem simple. A subject matter expert on many topics his depth and breadth of knowledge was an asset.
— David Williams, Dominion Enterprises, Norfolk, VA




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