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How a washed out 20-something computer consultant created more $300-million in new business for clients

It was 1996; I was a 20-something know it business owner turning around a computer consultancy that I had been running into the ground since 1994 (but didn't know it.) Despite being plagued by many mistakes, things were going well, from employee theft to horrible collections practices.

My computer consultancy was a Value Added Reseller (VAR) who, in 1996 started expanding its reach by hiring subcontractors, including network installers, electrical contractors, and technicians. Inside services is a 24/7 job. I worked two shifts plus networking events near seven days a week, even after the TIA stroke I had when I was 22.

This was years after rebelling against my father's blue-collar job, running off to college with $25,000 I saved doing computer work, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and selling the services of others.

This was years after apprenticing in Electrical, Plumbing, and Carpentry trades for this same man who was his own General Contractor for our home in Morganza Maryland. Long after being taught how to use an Arc Welder and cut steel with a Torch while in Middle School.

They said I couldn't do it, yet I did for a while

At our peak, I had 27 subcontractors working for me across the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States — serving Southern Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, and even across to the Hampton Roads area. Each of those contractors could have 10 to 100 technicians working on teams serving my clients.

It was my great fortune to work with many business owners, entrepreneurs, and mentors who did their best to guide my arrogant younger self. Many of my subcontractors and clients became good friends. More on that some other time. My little 5 person team in Southern Maryland was pulling the strings on a tiny empire.

The small problem that just kept getting bigger

While some of my clients were slow-pay dead beats who would sue me just to get out of an invoice …

I started noticing how large highly profitable contractors were getting consistent work. This work included commercial projects with all kinds of upfront deposits, service contracts, schedules, and even on-call opportunities. I tested some of these strategies with success but thought I was “too smart for the room” to go all the way.

Rounding out the year, while everyone was gonna party like it was 1999 — I get a call for a meeting with the CPA. It was late 1999 and not the party I expected.

One fateful day my CPA, Mary Ann took me aside for a frank conversation about how I was going to be $500,000 (USD) in debt in six-month if I didn't close the business up today — the only think keeping us a float was the deposits I was getting from new sales from changes made in the last 6 months.

Meanwhile I had an anchor around my neck of $365,000 in overdue receivables creeping up on a year in age — with ramped slow paying accounts for years. This skeleton I was trying to avoid, thinking I could just sell my way out of this mess with new and better customers.

When half of what you do works, How do you know which half?

With immediate action I got over this problem while discovering for my clients a simple system that creates and keeps profitable customers. A system built on knowing which customers, campaigns, and markets are profitable to pursue. It is an analytical way to easily know what works and what doesn't in your business.

Since 2000 to 2012, I've created more than $300,000,000 (USD) for direct clients and as much for those who use my materials. Hundreds of millions more created, saved, or otherwise mitigated for clients.

At times I wander off from consulting and publishing for exclusive projects with Fortune 100 firms, private clients, and volunteer experiences. What you'll find here is a collection of some of my materials to help you transform business relationships into profits guaranteed.

You can learn from Justin Hitt's mistakes and successes, more than two decades of experience. Write with your questions, connect now to book a call.

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