Dear Friend,

In 2016 a shocking thing happened.  While all the guru's are recommending to create more content, I pulled down all the content I had on four website.  Thousands of articles.

Here's what is shocking …

Two problems with the internet today:

  1. Mass volumes of freebie seekers that don't have enough insight to know the difference between good value and not.  There just isn't the time in the day to field tire kickers.
  2. Reading levels in the United States have plummeted among otherwise educated individuals.[1] All those once popular materials at an 8th grade reading level were glossed over.

While I maintain a purposely small client base, their geographic diversity has significantly increased.  Smart individuals from Canada, UK, China, India, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and more are regularly joining my newsletters.

However, they aren't coming through a blog.  And those who do come from content aren't very valuable.  That's why I've pulled down content to rewrite for other purposes.

Stay tuned! A re-launch of Inside Strategic Relations and Sustainable Wealth Secrets will open new opportunities to boost your bottom line.

There will be some free public content, however, why broadcast when buyers are readily available.   Think about it, why give away content for free when a book has more credibility.

Check out my latest book for smart electrical contractors, 101 Strategies for More Profitable Customers, available at Amazon.com.

Coaching and service programs coming online with talented team here in Martinsville VA. I'm starting up my “Group Q&A” calls for those sending in questions.


Justin Hitt
Analyst / Consultant

1. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Skills Outlook 2013. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2013/10/08/230462954/study-u-s-adults-below-average-in-literacy-basic-math