Specializing in Risk Management and Business Development

Do you want more profitable customers? Especially in a competitive environment with regulatory, legal, and ruthless markets. Discover how Justin Hitt transforms business relationships into profits.

A Strategic Perspective That Unlocks Profits for Your Business

If you want greater influence in your market, better control over your outcomes, and to convert more income into profit …

If you serve affluent homeowners, high net worth individuals, commercial businesses, or operate in competitive markets …

… then you are in the right place. Justin Hitt helps select clients create and keep profitable customers. He transforms business relationships into profits.

Your No-Holds Barred Direct Approach to Business Objectives

You get measurable insights that create the results you desire. A subject matter expert in operational risk management and business development.

This includes strategic planning, procurement management, supply chain, cyber-security, data governance, and direct response marketing. He has experience in heavy data analytics and service environments.

Benefit from over two decades of evidence-based outcomes. Helping clients create more than $300 million in new business. Countless cost savings.

Justin Hitt in Washington DC in front of United States Capital Building

Want to Ask Justin Hitt Your Question?

Follow these simple steps to get answers to your most challenging questions.

  1. Print your question on a single typed page.
  2. Include your full contact details. (Many forget this step.)
  3. Contact Justin Hitt by fax or postal mail.

You may reply for clarification. Otherwise, a response in 1-2 weeks. No-obligation.

If Your Project is a Match, You Get Justin Hitt's Dedicated Attention

Perhaps the most unusual provider of practical solutions. Built on the expense of experience, Justin Hitt is results-driven for you. Click to learn more about Justin Hitt.

If you are NOT a match, Justin Hitt will tell you upfront. Life is too short to get great-sounding advice that doesn't work in the real world. And if it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense.

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