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To tell you how I can help your organization would be arrogant, so I will allow those I've worked with in the past do it for me. These testimonials come from evaluations, unsolicited feedback, and comments received over the years.

[Ed. Note: Here are just some of the many testimonials Justin has received from clients. Think of this as a across the service spectrum from various roles, service areas, and engagements. Click here to learn more about Justin's clients.]

Read what attendees had to say about Justin Hitt speaking on Search Engine Optimization and Business Internet Marketing ...

"It's always a pleasure to work with someone who both know how to use technology to communicate and then actually does it!" -- Aaron Houssian, AFLAC, Baltimore, MD USA
"Your suggestions are all great--I especially appreciate the ones on re-organizing the initial letter, I know that's confusing still (for the first version of the kit, it was pretty awful :-)). And offering additional instructions on organizing the files is great, too. I really appreciate your giving me such extensive feedback!" -- Jessica Albon, The Write Exposure

On consulting assessment services ...

"I wanted to respond and thank you for your thorough assessment.
"I must admit, I'm very impressed. I've spent the better part of the last 10 years of my career doing things in much the same way you do -- with free assessments, detailed questionnaires, etc. I've always adamantly believed in doing things this way, not to mention it helps tremendously on both qualifying prospects and establishing the framework of a relationship. I wish more of my partners, vendors, etc. did things like this! It also gives me confidence in knowing that you really do know how to build relationships with key decision makers... a very important element." -- Dan Trimble, Converse Consulting Group Inc.

Comments about the insights shared by Justin Hitt ...

"Justin, I know this isn't my conversation but your site as well as your posts are very well thought out and I look forward to reading more here. I learn each time I read what you write. ..." -- Antone O., reply on Ecommerce Success & Internet Security Board.
"I'll be the first to back your prediction. As CRM consultancy we addressed this question some 7 years ago but we so to say run over by the World Wide Web that led companies think that a multichannel customer contact zoning would entice new customers to embark on their propositions by the millions. Well, we know how that story ended.
As a result the world inherited a way of thinking about CRM that is very functional, overloaded with data instead of information and denies the value of emotional and relationship. CRM in its present state is in fact no more than CM asin most cases it is limited to addressing the question: 'How we can push the most down the throat of customers as fast as possible'. Push strategies that are even sharpened through the implementation of realtime scoring models in callcenters. Nothing wrong with that but the world has never seen so many complaining customers that feel maltreatred and disrespected. In the present economic wintertime that strategy it will prove to be a dead alley.
I'm with you that organisations are increasingly looking for ways to give their CRM systems a second lease of life. In our market, Europe, the significance of relationship as a starting point is gradually surfacing.
Our solution to this problem is to think in relational terms." -- Rob Kempen.
"Your emails are chockfull of great pragmatic ideas, I find myself reviewing them often." -- Darryl Hold, Speed Reading & Fitness Trainer, Waleska, GA

On Justin's segment titled, Is Customer Relationships Management Overrated? ...

"I found this last paragraph most helpful. It actually boils down to how best customers can be served. Tools are helps to achieve this purpose. Their effective implementation (not their acquisition) is what's going to spell the difference for a company." -- Mae Legaspi, Consultant, Oti Consulting, Philippines

On Justin Hitt's freelance writing services ...

"The two articles provided are wonderful to our readers. Thanks a lot!" -- Sophie King, Marketing Manager, Greater China CRM

Participation on industry communities is well received by these folks ...

"Justin, I know this isn't my conversation but your site as well as your posts are very well thought out and I look forward to reading more here. I learn each time I read what you write." -- Antone O.

"Its not my area of expertise but you have written some very intersting and intelligent posts (as othes have also noted on the board)." -- Tim Mahoney

And speaking kindly of Justin's newsletter Inside Strategic Relations, John writes ...

"I read all your letters and they gave me inspiration. By knowing the truth, I can now look at things in a new light. Thank you. I wrote a 6 page sales copy following the guidelines you set forth." -- John Jenkins

Even more testimonials from customers and managers...

"Justin has been instrumental in implementing various beneficial system and software development (SDE) improvements. ... His technical ability is outstanding. ... Justin can be counted on to complete all assigned tasks effectively. ..." -- Dr. John Miller, Eagan McAllister Associates, Inc., Lexington Park, MD. [Sept 2000]
"Justin learns quickly. When tasked, he asks very specific and appropriate questions to clarify the details of the work. In this manner, Justin learned how to build ACIS releases very efficiently, and effectively gained the knowledge base for our entire team to have an upgraded build capacity."
"Justin is very supportive of the PSA team members as well as being responsive to other (outside and/or unusual) requests."
"Justin is positive and cordial, and works well in a team environment. He offers good ideas for improving the SDE and is willing to work with the team to implement them." -- Dr. John Miller, Eagan McAllister Associates, Inc., Lexington Park, MD. [April 2000]
"Justin has been instrumental in the success of the TSC project. His network administration skills and working with the rest of the team allowed PRB to deliver segments to NE (NISE East) to meet a very aggressive schedule. He has used his technical knowledge base to assist in solving numerous TSC development problems."
"Justin made a significant contribution to PRB's Product Development Support effort this year. The technical quality of his work has been consistently outstanding. In addition, he took the initiative to step up to extra demands from his user community while the group was shorthanded and undergoing restructuring. He is a valuable asset to PRB." -- Linda Jennings, PRB Associates Inc. [Jan 1997]
"Justin's performance ... continues to be outstanding. His contribution to the TSC project were critical to PRB's successful recompete. ... Justin's performance reflects highly on himself and PRB Associates."
"Justin is self-motivated and requires little direct supervision. His response to task-definition and assignments is value-added service and a 'What else can I help you with?' attitude." -- Paul VanSickle, PRB Associates Inc. [Jan 1996]
"Justin's continual demonstrates of outstanding performance. ... He works comfortably with analysts of varying levels of experience from vastly different fields." -- Paul VanSickle, PRB Associates Inc. [April 1995]
"Justin's performance continues to be outstanding ... Justin is a self-starter, who needs little supervision once the task is defined. He is very resourceful in resolving systems architecture and administration problems. He is extremely dedicated to the project and is highly motivated." -- Paul VanSickle, PRB Associates Inc. [Jan 1995]

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