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Sales and Marketing (S&M) Workflow Optimization

Today's sales and marketing systems are more technologically complex than ever before. A representative in the field is better connected and has more gadgets than they can often use. Are today's sales professionals benefiting from this knowledge?

In many business-to-business or technical firms, each sales person does their own thing. That's fine for top performers. However, how quickly can you bring new sales people up to close, when they labor with the back office for months, just learning the basics?

When ever one of your sales people (including outside sales representatives, independent sales executives, independent business owners, or even inside sales call centers) has their nose pointing in the right directly then your sales will multiply. You can close more in the next 90-days than you have in the past 12-months, if you know how.

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If you want to create results, you want every part of your system working together for the single most important objective of your team ... creating and keeping profitable customers. Your information technology must conform to your needs in areas of communications, automation, and production.

That means your lead generation technology must talk with accounting, in turn talk with sales people, and work together to create measurable results. Information must flow to where it's needed most.

It means marketing systems must work for both the human machine as it does for the computer. The information you need must be at hand when you need it. Every person in your team will work toward the same objective.

Imagine a workflow that directed both technology initiatives and sales results. I can help you create and design systems for outside sales representative, inside sales, call centers, or even your business development office.

Have all your "details" in one place, when you are generating proposals more quickly and turning around sales even faster. It's the insight you need to reduce technology costs while building an effective selling system. Imagine looking up a prospect in your customer relationship management system and all the information about them being correct.

With the right system, you'd know how much a customer has spent, send marketing only to those most likely to buy, and would easily collect leads right into your marketing system. When you send a marketing campaign or start a new selling effort, you'll know you're talking to the right buyers because that's how your environment was designed.

I am helping clients do these things, contact Justin Hitt today for an initial consultation to discuss your particular situation. If you've ever wanted to know the exact return on investment for marketing efforts, but didn't have the tools necessary to do this quickly, you'll discover results are attainable if you are working with the right professionals.

My team is focused on the design and implementation of the right marketing system for your organization. Quickly extract buyers from your market place and close more sales in the next 90-days than you have in the last 12-months guaranteed.

When your information technology systems properly supports sales and marketing efforts, you can focus your efforts where greatest profits are gained. No more guess work, when you have the right system. You increase the volume of sales because fewer leads or missed, your entire organization becomes more responsive.

Technology doesn't have to cost a lot when you implement these tools based on a clear plan. A plan created to drive revenue growth, rather than neat gadgets. It starts with interviews of your sales people in the field, marketing, and management; you get a selling system with both information technology and selling power considerations, tailored to your unique needs.

Would you invest $100, maybe $1,000 per each sales person, if you were sure to produce $10,000 or even $25,000 in new profits this year? When you are selling high priced technical solutions the numbers sway greatly to your favor, that same $100 to $1,000 turns into $100,000, or even $250,000 in the next twelve months.

What would it mean for your organization if each sales person closed just one more sale each month for the next twelve. Even better, if now you're able to create one more sale per marketing professional, and even closing sales over the telephone. With the right tools, this is easier than ever before.

The exciting part about this, with the right marketing system and proper integration of your information technology resources, you can measure this growth to the dollar, then grow again, and again. Let's take the guess work out of your information technology and focus it on growing your business today.

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