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Attention Business-to-Business Marketing Professional: I wanted to get this draft out to you immediately. Yes, it isn't pretty, but as you read it right now, listen for the secret to unlock more sales in your organization, to shorten sales cycles, and increase your overall conversion rate. -- Justin Hitt

It's sad but true, most of your marketing materials bore the stuffing out of your prospect. Not necessarily your fault, but do you know what happens?

Ineffective copy talks more about you then your most important reader, your buyer. I know your struggles, you write up the advertising, it takes seven revisions ... two for your boss, three for the executives, and two for the lawyers.

The bigger problem is that your clear, focused message gets the once over by people who aren't customers or buyers. Everyone puts in their input to tailor it to their interests, but what about the buyer.

Your customer doesn't care about your brand, nor how many years you've been in business. They only care about what you can do to grow their business or solve a specific problem. So, if you want executives to become customers, before meeting your sales team, what do you do?

First. Imagine what business would be like, if your executive level buyer, knew why they must do business with you over anyone else in your market place. In fact, they demand their purchasing professionals to call you first.

Your business-to-business or technical firm will grow quickly when buyer know they can trust you to solve their specific problems. You would close more sales with less skilled sales people, and your talent selling professionals would bring in those big jobs that change the course of an organization.

Understand, your message doesn't have to be perfect. You'll find many of Justin's materials aren't even grammatically correct, but they work, because they talk specifically to buyers. You know the business world isn't grammar school, it's tough, and business is all about revenue.

It's more about plugging the right message into the right marketing system, backed by measurable selling workflow technology, to reach real buyers in your market place everyday.

To convert executives to buyers, it's a matter of speaking directly to an executive buyers interests. Use a message that specifically crafted to push emotional buttons, that unlock their wallets and drive them your business. Unfortunately many organizations don't have the right professionals to make this happen.

Are you suffering because you have a complex technical solution, but just don't know to share it with buyers in such a way to create sales? Or worse, you struggle in the field looking for prospects, when if you had the right skills you could be talking with buyer.

You'll reach more buyers with a clear, well written message, that speaks directly to your buyers interests. Not many copywriters can provide this because they don't have a technical background. What Justin Hitt has found that because of his experiences as a systems integrator (and actually selling in many business-to-business markets) he can easily translate "engineering-speak" into buyer attracting language.

Your sales content needs to educate the buyer, help them in their decision making process. Even if it's casual in nature, it must connect with the pain and suffering your buyers face. Have you ever wished you had more leads that were qualified?

A carefully crafted message can attract leads faster, and at a higher quality than any other tool. Sure, you can put sales people in the field knocking on doors, but how do you keep those leads hot and coming to you when they buy? What kind of follow up works best?

Justin has discovered over many years of experience in technical services marketing that one common thread creates success. That thread is a well crafted sales message. If you aren't already reaching out to your buyers, at least once a month, then you are leaving money on the table.

Here are some ways well crafted sales messages can change your business:

A well crafted sales message isn't always selling. Often it helps customers make a buying decision, even without talking specifically about the product or service you offer. It's all about solutions, if you want executives to buy from you over anyone else, you must communicate with them in their language, with points relevant to their desires.

Today's buyers are blasted with gibberish, plain unfocused gibberish Your message, if properly crafted will open their minds to doing business with you over anyone else. Your message will reach the right buyer, not prospect, not suspect, but BUYER of your solution.

Be careful. When you hire a copywriter or someone to do your marketing. Make sure you have someone who understand technical solutions, who can sit down with your engineers, and who fully understands the needs and desires of your customers. You'll only get this from someone with a technical background.

Here are some examples: (The usual)

"Justin Hitt is a consultant, author and speaker who provides content around business relationships; including issues in management strategies, relationship management, strategic relations, and business development. He places a strong emphasis on helping companies generating sustainable profit using repeatable process strategies based on feedback from value and supply chains."

What you'll notice is this message is all about me. While it's important for you to know who I am, it's not going to get you to buy, until you know what I can do for you. This is how most business-to-business and technical firms write their copy.

Here's how you create an extraordinary, buyer oriented message:

"When you want to shorten time to close, increase conversion, and attract decision makers to your business-to-business or technical organization, it's important to have the right professional. Do you want a marketing message that generates sustainable profit, that you can use year after year, and that can increase value across your entire supply chain? Then no matter what solution you offer, you want content executive level decision makers crave; attract them with management strategies, relationship tools, and strategic insights they use with your solutions to get proven results. Justin Hitt can help you craft marketing messages that create and keep profitable customers. Contact Justin Hitt for details."

Whether article, web site content, audio, video or other training materials, valuable content for your executive level readers attracts their attention. The right message shows buyers that you understand their needs. In these examples, I'm first talking about me.

Because other companies in your industry are talking about themselves, it just might feel right with the old stodgy corporate message. The truth is, if you look like everyone else, how can your customer know you're any different. (And it's not because you said you were different.)

This second example talks specifically about you, the person who would benefit from buying Justin Hitt's products and solutions, or hiring his services. If you are a business-to-business entrepreneur, selling professional, or marketing manager, you can't be something for everyone, but instead target a specific buyer with a specific needs.

You'll also notice, Justin did another thing different in the second message. He called you to action. Every interaction you have with your customers must go somewhere. Tell your buyer what to do, have them contact you for a special report or information kit.

It does you no good to have the right message, with the right buyer, but not give them any reason to immediately contact you. it's like the sales person who once they find a decision maker, can't ask for an appointment. Great communications involves your buyers.

If you want executive level decision makers saying "Yes" to doing business with you, even before they meet your sales team, then you need the right message. Justin can help you craft that message and generate more revenue for your organization.

Read over these ideas again, then ask yourself "Are you focusing your marketing communications on your buyer?" If you're not talking with buyers, then you're wasting time and effort selling your business-to-business or technical solution.

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