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Transparency is important in today's complex market place. Use these social media systems to do your homework on Justin Hitt and to see what types of things he's involved. You won't find him posting what he ate for lunch, too busy for that. Here are the primary social networks where Justin Hitt is involved ...

Justin Hitt on LinkedIn
Justin Hitt's LinkedIn Profile
Justin Hitt on Ryze
Justin Hitt's Ryze Business Network

Disclosure: Justin Hitt doesn't believe in personally using social media outside of having someone research contacts and cross referencing newsletters. Kind of a waste of his time for a number of reasons. All social media is managed by staff and Justin is best contacted here.

Blogging and Micro blogging Platforms

Justin through his publishing company Hitt Publishing Direct produces high value content across the Internet for clients and a little for themselves. Most interesting is that much of the content is testing the validity of strategies before sharing them with you.

Here is where you really want to pay close attention because these publications represent powerful resources to improve your earnings.

Social Profiles

Message Boards and Forums

Think about the fingerprint you leave when you are on-line and how it can be used to connect with potential buyers of your services. Other networks and communities where you might find Justin Hitt ...

i. Requires membership to view profile.
ii. Participating in their Ad-Share program.

You don't need to be involved with so many communities to turn business relationships into profits when you have the right partner. Obviously Justin doesn't spend every day in all these channels, nor should you waste any time keeping up with unemployed in social media experts talking to each other. Justin Hitt can show you how to connect with electrical services buyers in a meaningful way no matter where you are, on-line or off-line.

Spy on Justin Hitt (and his Staff) through these social networks or contact him at this web site

Justin Hitt owns JWH Consolidated Inc, Dept JWH,
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