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Justin Hitt provides business development and supply logistics services that help B2B technical services professionals earn more. Here is a brief outline of services that deliver solutions to your toughest sales problems: (Justin's team delivers these solutions according to the needs of commercial electrical contractors.)

Business Development

To have a successful technical services business you'll need to grow more than just your sales. Business development is about growing your business and personal bottom line for long term uninterruptible growth.

Marketing Strategy Development

Multi-Channel Sales Performance Planning

Customer Relationship Management

Supply Logistics

Get solutions delivered to your clients in a ways that builds profitable customer relationships while connecting with vendor resources to deliver value based results. Supply logistics helps support delivery of what was sold so customers keep coming back for more.

Technical Business Analyst

Enterprise Resource Planning

Process Optimization / Performance Management

Solutions are delivered by direct consulting, seminars and workshops, plus customized solutions determined by mutual consultation. Justin Hitt provides consulting and advisory services. Implementation is provided by select subcontractors, his services firm Hitt Publishing Direct, and resources already available to your organization. You get more from what you already have, plus the greatest resources available to you for your specific needs.

Are you skeptical about the results you'll gain?

If you are not sure contracting Justin Hitt is right for you. Perhaps you are concerned about his experience, that his rates might be too high, or even feel he might be impartial. Get to know Justin, his strategies and options, by joining his monthly newsletter, Inside Strategic Relations .

Maybe you trust in Justin Hitt's credibility and skill, but you just want unlimited web-based consulting and additional materials you can use to apply his strategies with your own resources. Subscribers to Applying Strategic Relations receive (as part of their subscription) consultations on-line at no extra charge.

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