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Imagine YOUR Sales and Marketing Creating and Keeping Profitable Customers more effectively! And YOU make more money Now!

Do you want to sell more of your electrical services right now, with fewer resources? Imagine your sales and marketing finally creating bankable results month after month. Stop dealing with low quality leads, tiresome appointment setting, and small customers!

With Jim Straw
Jim Straw with Justin Hitt

With Ted Nicholas
Ted Nicholas with Justin Hitt

With Terry Brock
Terry Brock with Justin Hitt

With Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan with Justin Hitt

With Pete Moyer
Pete Moyer with Justin Hitt

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When electrical services firms who sell to other businesses want more profits, Justin Hitt is the guy they turn to because what he does makes money for clients. And, now, you can, too ...

Now let's talk about you:

It doesn't matter if you are a value added reseller, distributor, or straight services provider. You can start earning more bankable dollars even in this economy. Don't wait for the government to start creating jobs, the economic stimulus you need is right here.

Specializing in Business Development and Supply Logistics for Business-to-Business electrical services Providers

What will be the edge you'll have over pressing global and regional competition? If you're selling to other businesses, the Federal Government, or any state agency, then understand relationship skills set you apart from the faceless herd ... not talking about soft week social media relationships.

What you need to dominate your market is profitable customer relationships gained through sustainable method you can use over, and over again! Don't believe the hype about brand building, exposure, or getting out there -- what pays your bills is new and profitable customers!


How business to business technology and professional services firms create and keep profitable customers

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PS. Do you want measurable results you can take to the bank? I can't stress the importance of at least requesting more information, but if you aren't serious about more profitable customer relationships, I can understand. (More than 75% of new businesses fail in their first 5 years.) You may think you're doing fine, but you know as well as I that you wouldn't of read this far if things were just right. It's easy to get started, click here to request a paid consultation.

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