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The mistakes every business-to-business sales and marketing professional has made with outright lies told to them about selling ...

Why sales and marketing alone won't earn you a leg to stand on in today's tough economy

From the Desk of Justin Hitt
Date: June 24, 2017

If you really understood how off base most book experts really are, you'd throw each one you've bought in a big pile and burn them. Read this to discover why so little of today's sales and marketing advice is even worth reading. Print this out, read every word ...

Most of the so-called guru's out there in sales training or marketing will tell you that more business comes from doing more work. That means, more time invested in prospecting, more time learning appointment setting, even more time following up. But when you discover who these trainers really work for, you'll be angry beyond description.

You probably already have enough work to do. If you are like most of my clients you are a part of a growing company, perhaps $2 million plus in revenue with real demand to be a $10 million dollar company. Unfortunately that $2 million is getting more and more expensive to acquire.

Could it be the overhead required using old out dated sales and marketing in a more modern business climate? Could it be bad economics of trying to earn clients with sweat equity? In this report you'll see the stupidity pushed on you as truth and get access to tools that help you deflect this B.S. permanently.

What book experts are teaching about selling is all one big fat lie

First, it is critically important to have basic selling skills. You need to know how to prospect, present, and close. In fact, I won't work with any client who hasn't made at least two sales.

The reason why is because if you have tasted the sweet success of knocking on doors or making a few calls to drum up business, you might start believing what the book experts teach. Think about it, "zero resistance selling", "cold calling is dead", and all the other welcome words, do they really mean anything.

The common solution for increasing your earnings is to do more work. That problem is that you only have so many hours in a day. If you can only get in 63 calls a day, then that's all you'll be able to do by yourself. When you're prospecting, then you're not in appointments. This creates roller coaster income, big money one day, goose eggs for weeks afterwards.

Maybe it's your education that needs worked on? While getting a sales education is important, you have to be careful listening to people who sell sales education for a living. That's a bit biased. At what point do you go beyond surface sales knowledge to what truly motivates humans?

When you go beyond just selling to the point of understanding psychology and some sociology, you start developing influence. The biggest influence you'll have will be over your prospective. Understand this one thing and you'll take massive leaps in income near instantly.

Hard reality time. Your customers know just as much about selling techniques as you sitting across from them. You're not working with some bumpkin consumer bumbling into a store to buy something on impulse -- in the business-to-business world you may have multiple decision makers.

Everything they teach about marketing and advertising is NOT for the business-to-business electrical services firm

No matter what anyone says, what you do is different enough that those one-sized fits all books about sales and marketing aren't going to cut it in the real world. In some cases they are written by students as a book report, rather than someone who has been there, done that.

I'll tell you right now, most of my publications are as only good as my own experiences. In that, I'm willing to learn from my business partners, mentors, and tell you right up front that I'm only a reporter. That's right, I can only report on what I've done and won't pretend to know what is perfect for your situation.

You might be smart enough to know what you don't know too. That's why I've developed certain tools that cut right through the B.S. to show me what works and what doesn't.

You may have stepped into this same steamy pile. Back when I had my computer services company and even a bit when selling petroleum services later, I made all the mistakes wondering what was wrong with me. One misfortune after another, while I made good money, it certainly wasn't easy.

Think about the multiple decision maker issue. Each decision maker has their own interests, desires, personal objectives, and influence. If you send in one marketing message to five decision makers, you could lose four right out of the gate.

Another stupid mistake is missing the place of marketing. Some dummies like advertising agencies what to get all involved in the creative, while others want to build brand. Between you and me, they both are idiots because this is business -- not an awards show.

Wait a second ... Most advertising agencies brag about the awards they gain. Even use this as a reason to do business with them. Sad truth is they get these awards on the backs of their clients -- they get awards clients get shafted.

How dare I say this? It's true. Take your next fancy pants award down to the bank for a deposit. They won't accept it. What advertising agencies don't seem to acknowledge for the business-to-business electrical services firm is that you and I can only deposit money.

Remember, I'm in the electrical contractor too in my supply logistics side. Got screwed in my computer consultancy, have seen others been picked clean by these agencies (and public relations jerks too.)

If mainstream sales and marketing won't work for business-to-business, then what can you do?

Now is the time to get real proven long term sustainable results for your personal bottom line. I'm always talking about your personal bottom line, not that of the company, because I work for people not companies.

When you talk with a prospect, you're talking with a person. Even when a company have their name on a check, it's signed by a person. So let's get really old school to look at the solution that makes all the difference in closing more sales.

Old school as in the single purpose of business being to earn a profit for stake holders. In your own sales and marketing efforts it's about earning a dollar for you. But when you think back to times of rapid growth, you'll see business means more community.

When Andrew Carnegie build the Carnegie Steel Company he had Henry Clay Frick, who later helped him develop U. S. Steel. Numerous private investors made early settlements possible here in the Americas. Nobody creates lasting profits alone.

So if you are going to have a solution that works in every economy, you need to have certain criteria:

  1. Takes into consideration the purchase of goods at a fair margin to resell. If your materials or labor costs so much that you can't price a sale within the budget of a willing buyer, then you don't have a sale. Yet, you can't cut margins so tight just to get the business -- that's not going to last for anyone involved.
  2. Leverages existing relationships for both financial and resource gain. You may partner with a finance company to help a client get equipment that you'll later service. This reduces your risk, the customer wins, the finance company wins, and you win.
  3. Creates for you more than just a sale. If all you want is a sale, then discount the crap out of your services. That will get the sale, but won't keep the customer because quality will eventually suffer. What you want for sustainable growth is customers, profitable enough to continue to serve. Hungry enough to continue to buy.
  4. More than just a bunch of customer transactions. It's great to have customers, but not every customer is good. Some don't pay their bills on time, others are a pain in the rear, some are just too demanding. Your solution needs to attract profitable customers who won't drive you nuts.
  5. Solution must work in any economy starting from any point. It does you no good to have a solution to this sales and marketing problem that only works in really good economies. That's no solution at all. What you need is a proven system that works at anytime, anywhere, starting from where you are.
  6. You don't have to do everything yourself, just done on your behalf. To address the ongoing time issue, it's impossible for you just to keep doing more to get more results. At some point others need to be working on your behalf. That's why your sales skills don't have to be the best, they just have to work, because you can always have a team working for you.
  7. Lowers the cost of sales so margins increase rather than shrink over time. Too many electrical services firms face growing overhead as they add staff to address demand. As project load changes it seems to take more people to do less work. This overhead creep eats up margins. A sustainable solution increases margins over time, contrary to labor.

When what book experts teach about sales and marketing doesn't work, you need an approach designed specifically for complex business-to-business selling. You need business development.

How to develop your business for massive profits and long term sustainable growth

Whether it be your personal business, or the company you work for today. If you want to make more money in any economy, the kind of money that contributes to permanent wealth -- all the things your family needs and wants. Then you choose to develop your business each day.

It's not just about marketing, it not just about selling, it's about every action designed to make a better income producing resources. No matter which way the economy is going, business development helps you to continue to serve buyers.

You may only see yourself as a fixer of something technical, someone who goes in, does maintenance, then waits for something to break again. When you take this business development approach you'll see other problems to solve for clients.

Understand the three leverage principles and you'll gain access to new business, even when everyone else in your industry is suffering. This is because you'll have a prospective that creates opportunity rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Rather than working more hours, you'll leverage other peoples time, referral systems, and automated prospecting tools to attract buyers to you. Not just prospects, not brochure collectors, but real honest to goodness buyers for what you have to offer.

If you want to talk about certain leverage points in your current business that transform your ability to grow no matter how tough the times, then get with me for a paid initial consultation. Your focus should be finding assets in your organization that can be recycled to meet the criteria that helps business-to-business electrical services firms profits.

The core of business development is using sales and marketing for mutual gain. Individuals who support your selling processes, handle your marketing, or even simply answer your voicemail to give you more time each day; each will benefit from your success.

Properly implemented business development moves you into a partner position with your customers. You'll be more aware of opportunities to serve them, even creating profitable products for their specific needs.

In this you'll connect across customer interactions to deliver within the scope of your organizations expertise. A number of practical examples are available on how to implement what has been discussed in this report. The key to your success is to right now look at how you are developing your business rather than just making sales.

Write or call if you have any questions about this report. Stop wasting money with what doesn't work for you, start implementing the tools that show you what works and what doesn't. Right now take action for your paid initial consultation, finally start earning the money you deserve. Looking forward to hearing your success stories!

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