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Getting Started with an Initial Consultation

It's easy to get started, just request your initial consultation. You'll get 45-minutes to go over your unique situation, identify your concerns and needs, then layout a number of solutions best for your situation. Consultation is followed by written report of findings. This is not a sales call, it's a consultation focused on finding answers to your challenges.

Here's what you get with your consultation ...

During your initial consultation we'll analyze your existing marketing campaigns, customers, and who you want to be buying from you. Before our time together you'll complete a "Pre-Consultation Interview" survey, which will be returned by fax along with copy samples prior to our call. This helps organize our discussion to what produces maximum value for your time.

While I'll spend hours going over your situation ... Your initial consultation will take 45-minutes on the telephone, if you need more time than this, then the call isn't focused on your biggest challenge and should be rethought. More time may be available, however, since this is a consultation and not a sales call it needs to focus on providing you the most value for time available.

Get Ready to Use Answers Without Any Commitment or Obligation

Even if you're not thinking about hiring anyone, an initial consultation helps clarify your objectives to choose the right provider or none at all. Consider a consultation as a second opinion that will save you money and help you create better results for your business. You get unbiased recommendations ready to use and you are under no obligation to hire me for anything. Fair enough?

Your written report of findings will review the results of our diagnostic time together, followed by a number of recommendations, and a specific plan of action to create the situation you desire. This is not for everyone, Justin will ask tough questions to which he expects an answer. He's not trying to get your business, or sell you on anything. Instead his only objective is to deliver solid results up front so that you will wait in line to choose him over anyone else.

Why does Justin Hitt require a fee for an initial consultation?

Because this is a service, not a sales call. Frankly, if he wasn't talking with you, he'd be working with a client or on a paid assignment. What Justin is doing for you in a consultation is just like what he does for clients, and since he charges them, it's only fair to charge you too. Fees also raise the barrier for entry high enough that it eliminates time wasters.

What would you rather have: A thinly veiled sales call, or a knee deep in your business analysis that gets you started solving a real problem in your selling? When you request additional information you'll receive a "Pre-Consultation Interview" form to complete, background information about our services, and a fee schedule. Your "Pre-Consultation Interview" will layout the best times to talk by phone and once returned will start the ball rolling to secure our time.

Who participates in your initial consultation?

Justin's clients are high income selling professionals, marketers, and entrepreneurs of growing electrical services firms. You will either be a principle or serious minded selling professional. You can attend your initial consultation by yourself, with your key staff, or even with professional partners. Each attendee will be identified on pre-call materials to help the telephone conversation stay on schedule.

Your consultation will be conducted by Justin Hitt, or one of his partners, not some hotshot sales person. You are welcome to ask any question as long as its answer focuses on results for your organization. It's our objective to help you develop a plan of action, specifically addressing a sales or marketing challenge faced by your organization. Best calls are kept to three or fewer individuals.

What should I expect from an initial consultation?

So with this explanation of how it all works, Justin Hitt feels confident that he is offering an affordable, limited-risk consultation where you can spend 45 minutes exploring your specific needs.

Here's my specific commitment, and the agreement Justin will make with you.

  1. He will not sell or attempt to sell you any other service during your consultation. This is YOUR time to ask any questions you wish and for Justin to answer as much as he can during this paid session.
  2. You will be asked a number of diagnostic questions designed to offer specific solution based on your current situation, need, personal goals, and business objectives. Prescription without diagnostics is malpractice.
  3. If you are interested in discussing any additional services, that discussion will take place after our initial paid consultation.
  4. Any creative work done during the consultation (such as writing a headline, writing an opening paragraph, referring you to a source for various needs, etc.) will be included in the session and sent to you after the session along with a recording of our call-- and there's no extra fee for this.
  5. Good Faith Limited Guarantee: IF AFTER 15 MINUTES OF CONVERSATION EITHER OF US FEELS THIS IS NOT A "GOOD FIT", WE WILL STOP THE CONSULTATION AND JUSTIN HITT WILL IMMEDIATELY CREDIT BACK YOUR INVESTMENT IN FULL BY CANCELING THE TRANSACTION. The exact timing of the credit card refund may or may not be immediate, and Justin has no control over that aspect of the refund.

A consultation provides you a way to save time. After the consultation you are under no obligation to hire us. As Justin hopes to earn your business, this service is credited towards your first assignment with our firm.

If you're concerned about the size or number of sales you produce, now is the time to talk with Justin Hitt about improving your situation. In this consultation your questions are answered, based on a pre-call investigation and our conversation about the challenges you face.

Get started with Initial Telephone Consultation
Initial Telephone Consultation
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