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About Justin William Hitt, Business Development and Supply Logistics Consultant Justin William Hitt
Telephone: +1 (757) 741-8882

Skype: hittjw
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JWH Consolidated Inc, Dept JWH
1123 Spruce St #3123, Martinsville, VA 24115-3123

Telephone: +1 (757) 741-8882 (Tuesday through Thursday, after 2pm EST)

24-Hour Recorded Phone / Fax: +1 (757) 282-7779

Currently located in Williamsburg, VA, serving clients across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and China.

How To Contact Justin Hitt And Get The Response You Desire

Mr. Hitt spends most of his time with clients actually doing real work and doesn't sit around like other consultants waiting for the phone to ring. This doesn't mean he isn't interested in your business, but likely busy doing something important. Follow this simple instructions for best response:

Follow the instructions above and Justin Hitt will schedule a return call, or send details by e-mail. Be sure to mention your membership level so return contacts can be properly prioritized. Members of Applying Strategic Relations can ask questions on the private forum for an even faster response.

Your brief return call will focus on determining your specific needs and will not provide specific solutions. If you are looking for free advice, resources and tools, Justin shares many of his methods through Center for Strategic Relations, Hitt Publishing Direct, Applying Strategic Relations, and Inside Strategic Relations. Fair enough?

If you're calling about pricing, rates, or a proposal; two points to consider: (a) If you have to ask how much, then you can't afford it. Focus your efforts on finding a problem you face that has massive returns for your company, then contact Justin. (b) Mr. Hitt doesn't provide proposals or bids until you've had a paid consultation, the investment you make in a consultation is applied to your assignment. All consultations are recorded for your convenience. A prescription without analysis is malpractice.

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Justin Hitt owns JWH Consolidated Inc, Dept JWH,
Martinsville VA Postal Address
24/7 Hotline+1 (757) 282-7779

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