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About Justin William Hitt, Business Development and Supply Logistics Consultant Justin William Hitt
Business Analyst / Publisher

To leave a message via Justin's assistant, please call +1 (877) 207-3798 Ext. 3

Feel free to stalk Justin Hitt on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ (Justin doesn't care if you are his friend or whether you follow him, so don't expect him to ask.)

JWH Consolidated Inc , Dept JWH
1123 Spruce St #3123, Martinsville, VA 24115-3123

24-Hour Recorded Phone / Fax: +1 (877) 486-8431

Currently located in Martinsville, VA, serving clients across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and China. Author, Publisher, and Business Analyst.

How to Ask Justin Hitt Questions About Your Biggest Business Relationship Challenges

Mr. Hitt spends most of his time with clients actually doing real work and doesn't sit around like consultants waiting for the phone to ring. However, as a publisher he wants to answer your questions. Ask your pressing questions by:

Your questions are answered in upcoming newsletters or other publications. Each question will receive a brief response in draft prior to publication so you can get started quickly putting this problem behind you.

This is NOT legal, financial, or other advice in detail for your organization. Just answers to your questions about creating and keeping profitable customers, increasing procurement value, and turning business relationships into profits.

All consultations are recorded for your convenience. Paid consultations are 45-minutes with a survey required to be returned in advance. A no-obligation 15-minute consultations is available below at:

Don't expect the secrets of the universe in a 15-minute reply or without significant detail to understand your situation. This is NOT a consultation, just Q&A to get your started. A prescription without analysis is malpractice.

For a more in-depth conversation about your challenges, your next step is a Paid consultation ...

Justin Hitt owns JWH Consolidated Inc, Dept JWH,
Martinsville VA Postal Address
24/7 Hotline +1 (877) 486-8431

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