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I've been fortunate to serve many happy clients, their return business pays my bills, I'm very grateful for their consideration. -- Justin Hitt

These clients benefit from a range of solutions from information technology management to copywriting solutions for sales and marketing, plus other profit building solutions since 1993. Due to the nature of what Justin Hitt provides clients, many clients are NOT listed here for confidentiality purposes. Here's a practical client list:

Some clients include:
AT&T Global Services (logo)
Bank of America (logo)
IBM Lenovo (logo)
Frenius Medical Care (logo)
Merrill Lynch (logo)
US Navy (logo)

Rest assured, you get discrete solutions for your toughest business development and supply logistics challenges. Over the years the business has evolved to specialize in growing commercial electrical services firms. Here are some of the wonderful things clients have said about Justin Hitt. If you are interested in becoming a client or learning more about what Justin Hitt can do to improve your profits with stronger business relationships, contact his offices today!

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