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If you want stronger more profitable business relationships that help you create and keep more customers at a lower cost ... then you've found the one resource for actionable insights to do just that. Here are articles Justin has written.

While some call this thought leadership, you'll see here examples of how articles can increase your sales. Many of these materials were created as tools for subscribers and clients, here's a place you can ask your questions.

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You'll find hundreds of informational and how-to articles written by Justin Hitt on the following sites:

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Media Coverage

Here are just a few of the many times Justin Hitt's been covered by or published in major trade publications: (for more recent coverage visit News About JWH Consolidated) Yes, that's Chinese, one of the biggest markets in the world. You'd be surprised what they know about owning your business in American markets -- unless your learn quickly these same insights for yourself.

There are hundreds of other articles written by Justin Hitt, last count more than 697 plus a number of training manuals. See for yourself by searching on "Justin William Hitt" or "Justin Hitt" in Google, or your favorite search engine today. Justin is also featured in a number of books by marketing experts and sales trainers, see for yourself at Amazon.

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