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Phone-Based Consultations

Here are samples of phone-based consulting packages that are available, including customized solutions to best serve your companies needs. Questions? For more information contact Justin Hitt

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Phone-based Consultations Work!

Using the telephone for short series of consulting sessions saves airfare and other travel expenses, it's more immediate, and can even be used for quick questions without paying a full day-rate.

General Phone-Based Consulting

A simple pre-session questionnaire identifies your specific need as well as background information. Questions are addressed from your prospective providing simple strategies for your business. Justin will develop three strategies to implement over the next several months. Followed up by a self-assessment survey to track your results.

Calls are scheduled in advance, you will receive a recording of the entire session so do not worry about taking note - just concentrate on the consultation. These no-risk consultations cost less than an hour of Justin Hitt's time and available at your convenience.

Great for tuning any other consulting package or those little questions you might have in the course of business.

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CRM Implementation Strategy Session

Identify issues restricting or limiting your CRM implementation. Define practical direction for addressing issues. Develop key points of influence for reaching break-even on implementation. You will receive advice that will help you get started on implementation. Document three actions and points of measurement. Second session is to follow-up on actions taken.

Receive a digital copy of 27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment Workbook with your session -- and a 15% discount on quantities over 5 for your team.

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* Receive 10% discount on session fee if you have already purchased the 27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment Workbook

Strategic Relations Problem Solving Session

Pre-consultation questionnaire helps extract information necessary to define the real problem at hand. Identify contributing factors to problem while isolating symptoms of underlying issues. Produce three variant actions or problem solving scenarios, plus relevant measures of success. Develop a reasonable period for follow-up -- weekly status work sheets provided. Second session is summary of results, process feedback, and evaluation of measures.

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Business Market Strategy Session

Pre-consultation questionnaire and market effort outline. An "Identify Your Customer Work sheet" provided, "Business Objectives Outline Work sheet," and "Capital Goals Analysis Work sheet," along with relevant materials provided in advance. Identify key customer groups and possible cross-markets for expansion. Define possible marketing engagements to achieve desired business objectives. Develop three target strategies with relevant measures. Second session provides measurement analysis, process ROI measures, and lessons learned.

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*On site variation includes breakout sessions, a central meal, and group activities pertaining to problem solving. In addition, you will get 35-minute personal interviews with each participant, and up to 2-hour question and answer session. A full two-days starting are priced per participant, up to 12. Accommodations are usually negotiated at a discount, but are charged separate of the session.

**Due to the nature of this program, Justin Hitt recommends only your most trusted strategic partners be invited. Great for interdepartmental or subsidiary strategy development. Forum sponsor will be responsible for session recordings and distribution, unless otherwise designated.

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