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Here are samples of various consulting packages available, including customized solutions to best serve your companies needs. Questions? For more information contact Justin Hitt

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Marketing or Service Process Documentation Analysis

(starting at two days on-site depending on complexity, followed by work group conferences, minimum duration 1 month)

Select a key process in your organization and receive a detailed work flow diagram, and in/out-processing form. Receive key optimization advice, identification of blocking points, and possible areas for realignment. Get a detailed presentation of influencing points and corresponding relationships contributing to process success. Pre-post materials provided to measure results and collect key data. Process timing diagram will also be provided to help visualize results over time.

Customer Interaction Points Diagram

(starting at two days on-site, with various customer visits and interviews, followed by work group conferences, minimum duration 1 month)

Receive an overview contributing factors diagram, which demonstrates what contributes to first contact. Each customer interaction point outlined with contributing factors, and key customer expectations. Learn additional informational, educational, and sales opportunities within the process. A 5-point plan for improving sales and customer loyalty based on 3 points within your customer interaction process. Also, receive 10 key builders to improve one aspect of your customer's experience. Pre-post materials provided to measure results.

Powerhouse Strategies Consulting Forum

(one half-day session depending on industry.) (*) (**)

You and up to seven of your key strategic partners meet to outline and develop strategic relationship guaranteed to generate twice the cost of the program. It will include a consultant from your industry who will review pre-session materials. Get a strategy matrix and relationship diagram for how each company can interact over the next 12 months for maximum income with at least three connection strategies. (That is 32 strategies overall.) Ideal for supply chain partners. Follow on work sheets provided for quarterly reporting. The second session will address Personal profit measurement sessions (up to 45 minutes per) tally year value in chain.

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