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"For more than a decade, Justin has invested his own money in testing everything he teaches -- directly creating more than US $48 $52+ million for his clients."

Think He Looks Too Young, Here's What Clients Are Saying About Justin Hitt!
Don't Let The Handsome Face Fool You, Clients Will Testify To The Value Of His Results ...

My Personal Mission:

"To create sustainable and ethical business relationships that contribute to the personal profits of my clients." -- Justin Hitt

How He Did it all the hard way so you didn't have to

Justin Hitt has battle hardened experience you can only get from years of getting beat up in the market place. He invested his own money into developing a systematic approach that helps selling professionals create and keep profitable customers.

If you want solid measurable results from your sales people or marketing campaigns, then Justin Hitt is the right choice today. But, he doesn't accept just any client.

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If you've answered "Yes" to ALL of these questions, then contact Justin Hitt today for your no-obligation initial consultation. All client assignments are screened through an initial consultation, this is not a sales call but a solid fact finding exercise necessary to find sure win situations for you.

Justin Hitt's strengths come from his systems approach to problem solving. Providing sales and marketing advisory for business-to-business executives, his services are provided in a straight forward consultative manner.

Hiring Justin Hitt is Like Money in the Bank!

Experience includes both technical and non-technical issues relating to strategic aspects of the business offering complex solutions to other businesses. He can help you produce more sales at a lower cost, while retaining more profitable clients even in competitive markets.

Since 1992 he has provided management level support to a variety of information technology, business management, and marketing related projects. Justin has owned his own business since 1991, and even before that worked with great business mentors who built the foundation to what he is today.

Experience includes front-line work right along side clients delivering electrical services in fast paced environments, business development for his own and other organizations, as well as supply logistics in highly available computing environments. You've likely heard of some of his clients.

More valuable to you is his experience right next to your customers, delivering systems administrative services, project management, and procurement. This gives him a unique prospective of the conversation in the minds of your buyers (and even relationships for introductions.)

Specializing in creating profits for electrical services firms, Justin Hitt understands the issues facing your business and can work as a trusted advisor with new ideas to revitalize your profits. However, most of his time is spent actually doing what he teaches -- only delivering consulting services to a small strategic group of clients.

Get more than an individual, Access a Network of Trusted Providers

You will always have the best expertise at your command. Mr. Hitt knows his strengths and brings in team members to address any weaknesses -- you get a complete and lasting solution for success in your business. When available, hire him directly or work with his project managers for specific services that improve your sales and delivers sustainable growth.

Justin Hitt has been on-line since 1989, he is familiar with time tested methods as well as current Internet and Selling Technologies. You'll find Justin's social networking profiles packed full of resources to help you get to know him better. But don't expect to find him hanging out being "social", when he wanted more friends he got a dog.

As a business owner and a consultant, Justin has benefited a number of organizations nationwide. Publisher of several newsletters, articles, and reports -- you are welcome to write with your questions. With strong communications skills and the ability to get the right job done, you can count on Justin Hitt for results.

More importantly, when you hire Justin Hitt, you get access to his network of trusted business partners who provide specialized services designed to complement his own solutions. You get proven lasting solutions to advance your business for years to come.

Interested in seeing if Justin Hitt is right for you? To be considered as a client get involved with a paid initial consultation. You are under no obligation to hire him, yet can pick his brains risk free. Justin Hitt is also available for contracts longer than 6 months by 1099, corp-to-corp, or W2 depending on the opportunity -- will not provide rates without a clear scope of work or consultation.

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"What about creating and keeping profitable customers keeps you up at night?"

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